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On Aether and Aether Sinks

13 October

Reading old novels is a great way to immerse yourself in the myriad ways that human thought has changed throughout time.  It only takes one quick lookup of what “laudanum” actually is, for example, to realize that the way we look at drugs, medicine, and even parenting has changed dramatically.   A reader of Victorian […]

Torredor Problems, Stendhal Syndrome

01 November

Just in case it wasn’t obvious, I am a humongous nerd. So humongous, in fact, that I’m going to start this article out with a reference to a specific race of creatures from a LARP I play in (a LARP?! Oh the humanity!).  So, fair warning.  Now on with the show… In the White Wolf […]

Can someone die from a belief? Nocebo effect part 2

01 November

Yesterday we discussed Nocebo responses, such as what happens when someone feels that they’ve been cursed or given a medical death sentence.  But how can a feeling, a belief, cause your death?  Surely that isn’t actually possible? Unfortunately it seems that it is. While it is difficult to study nocebo responses, as most ethical boards […]

Voodoo, unintended consequences, and self-willed death – the Nocebo Effect

01 November

In the early 1960’s, a 53 year old man problems was admitted to hospital with a severe case of bronchial asthma.  The attack was followed by two more, all of which resulted in semi-consciousness and epilepsy-like convulsions.  Each time he was treated, given a medical regimen, and released, only to have an attack occur again […]

Well I feel like a creeper

01 November

Today I started handing out my cards.  See, the plan for this site is to have real stories – but my own experience is limited.  Thus, I’m trying to find people who want to share their own stories.  To do this, I made cards.  On the front of each card is the line “You look […]

Rampaging Manifestos

01 November

Haha! Look what arrived at my office this morning:     My Rampaging Dinosaur Manifesto cards have arrived! What are these, you might ask? Basically they’re handsome cards with the Manifesto printed out on them for you to sign and carry with you- so you can show the world that you are part of the […]

Names and conventions

01 November

I find that the more time I spend online the more I’m reminded of how I felt about my name in elementary school. See, at her birth my mother was graced with an unusually spelled name. And while Star Wars’ leading actress might have made Carrie common today, when she was growing up my mother […]

Protect yourself from evil spirits…. with ridiculous supersitions.

04 February

Protective superstitions probably came into being shortly after man first conceived of the idea of ghosts and evil spirits.  After all, the terrifying is a great deal less so if you think that you have way of protecting yourself from it. It’s a safety blanket, a way to gain control over an uncertain and frightening […]