Right now Seattle is all a quiver at the thought that tonight is supposed to bring us snow.  Not just the paltry inch or two that drives us crazy usually but 15 full inches.  Something reputable- although it might not be considered such anywhere but here.

What’s that you say?  You don’t believe me that Seattle goes crazy over an inch of snow?

Credit, my friend Emily

 This is how much snow we got over the weekend.  Nothing right?  But look at that busy street.  There’s no one on it.  In fact there are people walking in it!  No one is out because in Seattle when we get any snow at all stuff like this happens:

Credit Emily again

Seriously people?  So I’m not sure that I’m looking forward to what will very likely be a snow day for me tomorrow (because when we get that much snow in Seattle places actually close down), since it means that there very well may be riots. 

Riots of confusion and panic, which will quickly halted by the fact that no one will feel comfortable enough to actually go out and touch the creepy white stuff.  On second thought, I’ll probably be okay.  Time to make a sled out of bin lids!