Today I started handing out my cards.  See, the plan for this site is to have real stories – but my own experience is limited.  Thus, I’m trying to find people who want to share their own stories.  To do this, I made cards.  On the front of each card is the line “You look interesting…” while the back contains contact information for the site.

However, I’m intrinsically an introvert.  So rather than striking up conversations with interesting people, I’ve been walking through downtown handing out cards to likely candidates, and then running away while they read them.  Not exactly reassuring, I’m sure.

So if you got a card today from me, I apologize for my rudeness. But I do think you look like a fun, interesting, entertaining individual.  Do you have a story you would like to share?  If so, contact me at  If you’d like it can be completely anonymous. Or I can give you full author credit.  I can interview you and write it up, or you can write it yourself.  Up to you!

But I do apologize for being creepy.